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This page introduces the talented artists who belong to Daikanyama Gallery and my favorite artists.

Dandy Bikeman

Dandy Bikeman の画像

Tokyo based. Dandy Bikeman is one of exclusive artists who belongs to our gallery. He uses two methods, digital software and hand painting. He is a creator with over 20 years experience (his works are often seen on the cover page of major magazines), but a mysterious artist who does not reveal his name.

He extremely hates people's discord, anger and friction. That personality is reflected in these works.

I also wonder where and when the main character depicted in the work came from. What is the character doing there? Investigating anything? He looks like a fish out of water but he seems to see through my heart. Friendly or hostile to us?

Dandy Bikeman special page

Dandy Bikeman the first collection page

Dandy Bikeman Back Pain collection page



Nao Yoshihara

Nao Yoshihara の画像

Nao is a Tokyo-based artist, one of exclusive artists who belongs to our gallery. She provides illustrations to stores and apparel, and produces videos powerfully. Her style, which mixes her Ukiyo-e and street culture, is a feature of her work.

I met her on the street in Harajuku over 10 years ago. Her heart has been tough since she was a girl. Her dislike of classical constraints will fit into a decentralized NFT culture.

Nao Yoshihara official site

Nao Yoshihara NFT UkiyoStreet collection page


ayaka nakamura

ayaka nakamura is a Tokyo-based artist, one of exclusive artists who belongs to our gallery. She creates paintings, woodblock prints and video works under the theme of “the existence of life”, and she won many prizes.

Through NFT works, she visualizes time overlap, memory fading, and current emotions as one flat image data. The sharpest line is emotion and emotional movement before forming words.

I met her on the street in Harajuku over 10 years ago.

ayaka nakamura official site

1st NFT collection flat

2nd NFT collection Wind


Moji Diske

Moji is a Tokyo-based artist, one of exclusive artists who belongs to our gallery.

He provides designs to thousands of companies. He has been awarded by Burton Snowboards for his innovative sustainable ideas. Some of his clients include Sanrio Company, Football team, Universities, hospitals, global shoe brands, tea brands, and more.

More info from below

Moji special page

NFT collection Funky Cosmism page


Sakura Mori

In 2010 I bought Sakura's painting for the first time. It is a light blue work drawn on canvas. No matter how many times I move out from my place, the work is always displayed near me. Let's see the work someday.

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Sakura Mori special page

Sakura Mori 1st NFT collection Screaming Girl


I am a collector of Kevin Abosch

Daikanyama Gallery is a collector of Kevin Abosch

He has been a pioneer in creating the NFT space long before we entered this world.

He has left behind many fantastic works derived from photographs of people, photographs of potatoes, his own blood, the heat of the sun, the fermentation process of sake, etc.

When talking about the works he created, categorized names such as "photographer" and "NFT artist" do not advance the story.

The word "opportunist" that he said somewhere sometime has had a big impact on me. The way I see the world has changed. I can see many opportunities. I realized that there are various methods of expression, and I stopped being afraid of art.

Kevin Abosch Special Gallery


I am a collector of The Hashmasks

Daikanyama Gallery is a collector of Hashmasks

Become part of digital art and collectibles history
Hashmasks is a living digital art collectible created by over 70 artists globally. It is a collection of 16,384 unique digital portraits. Brought to you by Suum Cuique Labs from Zug, Switzerland.

By holding the artwork, you accumulate the NCT token on a daily basis, which allows you to choose a name for your portrait on the Ethereum blockchain. This is your opportunity to be among the first to participate in one of the largest collaborative NFT art projects in existence.


I am a collector of Haru Komoda

Daikanyama Gallery is a collector of Haru Komoda.

Colors that burst violently sometimes, or lines that sway weakly sometimes. I love the style that strongly reflects his mental state. By observing the details of the picture, you can interpret various messages.

1979 Born in Fukuyama, Hiroshima, Japan
Lives and works in Tokyo

He is an artist also the founder of the art production team "HAKABOCHI". Adorable characters and surrealistic depictions create attractive works. He creates pieces using paper and colored pencils and then digitally converts them. He also makes video works using his original characters. He has also displayed the top page of Opensea and is one of Japan's leading NFT artists.


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