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I am a collector of Kevin Abosch

Kevin Abosch has been a pioneer in creating the NFT space long before we entered this world.

He has left behind many fantastic works derived from photographs of people, photographs of potatoes, his own blood, the heat of the sun, the fermentation process of sake, etc.

When talking about the works he created, categorized names such as "photographer" and "NFT artist" do not advance the story.

The word "opportunist" that he said somewhere sometime has had a big impact on me. The way I see the world has changed. I can see many opportunities. I realized that there are various methods of expression, and I stopped being afraid of art.

Now you can see Kevin's artworks on Ethereum and Tezos block chain.


Let me show you some of my collection










STATUS UPDATE "A History of Witness Tampering"



WALL is a collection that is connected to physical "walls" around the world. The art work was airdropped to the 1111 project holders on November 11th. This visual is not the final form, it seems that there will be some changes in the future.

Ransom Not Paid as of December

The "WALL" has been transformed into this "Ransom Not Paid as of December"

For example for me, the wall between "I want to celebrate Christmas" and "I'm too lazy to clean up afterwards" was brought into sharp relief.

※Quoted from Kevin's tweet

A bit about the photographic elements in WALL: They are not synthetic. Each is an original photo taken by me on mobile phones between 2018-2022 including news shot from TV. From a folder with 300,000+ photos, they were matched w/ underlying data and titles using machine learning.

Not all walls are designed to keep people out. WALL looks at how our mind constructs and deconstructs metaphoric walls as a means of navigating socio-political dilemmas.


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