About Daikanyama Gallery of NFTs


What is Daikanyama?

Hi, It's Yoshi. Now I am going to introduce myself.

"Daikanyama" is the name of the area in Tokyo, which is the origin of our creative activities.

We have been in the web industry and design business for many years. It created connections with many traditional artists, - Fine art painters, sculptors, woodblock artists, Manga artists, include digital creators. They are not amateurs but real professionals - but they always had the challenge of "geographical constraints and limitations." Now, with blockchain technology, I am very pleased to be able to deliver their works across the sea, over the mountains, and to the moon.

And I am one of those who have a strong desire to live in a "decentralized" world that is not bound by borders, nationalities or VISA. This is also one of the reasons why I am so attracted to the possibilities of NFTs and blockchain technology.


What we do

I am a collector of NFT artworks created by talented artists.

And Daikanyama Gallery offers original NFT works created by various professional artists. They are unique digital collections that exist on the Ethereum blockchain. All artworks we collaborate with are one-of-a-kind. Nao Yoshihara, Dandy Bikeman, ayaka nakamura, Moji Diske, and Sakura Mori are exclusive artists who belong to our gallery. - I don't really like the expression "belong". That's why I use the word "guild". -

We will release new artworks via several platform. Treasure hunting from here

From the perspective of collector protection, we hate diluting the value of our artworks and act as follows:

・We do not operate the data sold on the blockchain elsewhere.

・We do not sell duplicated works.

・Currently, we focus on only Ethereum blockchain to mint NFTs.

・ We will consider selling in marketplaces other than OpenSea as the market changes, such as the decline in gas prices and the diversification of collectors' needs.


Although we have received many inquiries, we are not recruiting exclusive artists at this time. Because I am just a guy of guild.



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