Dandy Bikeman - New drops

Here is the Dandy Bikeman's new drops list as below

#5 Title : Chronic procrastinators

Crop circle? The "future" is made up of a stack of "presents" that exist in the immediate vicinity. "Don't look away from now," said Dandy Bikeman.

Dandy Bikeman 5

Chronic procrastinators


#6 Title : It's OK. We passed the patch test

You can see a huge syringe that drives nutrients into the surface of the ground.

Dandy Bikeman 6

It's OK. We passed the patch test


#7 Title : If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

The layout is similar to the 5th work "Chronic procrastinators", but there seems to be some difference. Is it evolution? Is it degenerate? I hope you enjoy looking for the difference.

Dandy Bikeman 7

If not you, then who? If not now, then when?


#8 Title : Still Breathing

The title "Still Breathing" is the Dandy Bikeman's 8th work. You can see coelacanths and mechanical coelacanth there. I would be grateful if you could observe every detail carefully.

Dandy Bikeman 8

The title "Still Breathing"


#9 Title : We love quick-impact

The 9th work by Dandy Bikeman. He said that "The bloody rain of discrimination and prejudice can only be a wilderness".

It's a perfection. Enlarge the picture and enjoy his attention to detail on Opensea. It's free to watch!

Dandy Bikeman #9

The title "We love quick-impact"


#10 Title : FEWOCiOUS Anniversary

Today, June 30, 2021, the NFT work of the great artist FEWOCiOUS was sold for the first time at Christie's Auction House. We respect the past suffering and success of FEWOCiOUS and dedicate this title.

Dandy Bikeman 10

Title : FEWOCiOUS Anniversary


#11 Title : By knowing, make better decisions

Dandy Bikeman 11

Title : By knowing, make better decisions

Is he indoors? He looks like he's studying something. This looks like an unusual composition for Dandy Bikeman.

Artist : Created in 2021 by Dandy Bikeman

What is he doing there? Investigating anything? He looks like a fish out of water but he seems to see through my heart. Is the man friendly or hostile to us?

Here are NFT works of the artist "Dandy Bikeman" who has been working as a professional over 20 years. No one knows who the "Dandy Bikeman" is.


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