ayaka nakamura


Live painting at Roppongi Art Night


ayaka nakamura is Tokyo-based, one of exclusive artists who belongs to our gallery as NFT artist. She expresses herself in a variety of media, including painting and animation.

She takes photographs of the scenery she encounters on her travels and in her daily life, and captures the wind and light to depict the "existence of life".

I met her on the street in Harajuku over 10 years ago.


About "flat" collection on NFT



The flat collection by ayaka nakamura consists of three elements: photographs taken in the past, analog paintings based on the photographs, and lines drawn digitally. Those layers and elements created in independent chronological order, have different textures.

We have always found our existence in "time and space" & "material".

However, in the digital world, all textures, depths are flattened. (In this world, even people’s positions and hierarchies are homogenized by anonymity.)

The flat collection asks us what "existence" should be, as everything is flattened.

flat by ayaka nakamura


About "Wind" collection on NFT


The Wind collection by ayaka nakamura is a collection released in the spring of 2022. The Wind collection is mainly composed of lines.

It's like the wind, it's like the meadow. It's a word, it's like a heartbeat.

The act of moving your hand as you feel is to integrate with your surroundings. Life moves as long as it lives, and the wind is always blowing. The landscape consists of various layers of dynamic life, and the same landscape never appears again.

The same can be said from a single line. The movement of the overlapping lines makes you feel like a landscape. To make a rhythm at this moment. We are alive.

Wind by ayaka nakamura


Non digital works

This is not an NFT, but an acrylic work.


– attended Musashino Art University, Tokyo JP (BA Fine Art, Printmaking)

– She was featured in “100 Filmmakers 2015” (BNN Publishing)
– MEC Award 2015 MV “Desert Night Dreams” winning a prize
– DOTMOV FESTIVAL 2015 MV “Smoke Tree” winning a prize

– Live painting on a 8m wide and 3.6m high panel at Roppongi Art Night in 2016
– Design Awards Asia MV “Desert Night Dreams” win the DESIGN OF THE DAY

– IAG AWARD winning a prize
– DesignAwards Asia MV “Smoke Tree” win the DESIGN OF THE DAY
– Independent TOKYO 2017 win the Special Award

Group exhibitions at EPICENTRO ART (Berlin), White Box (New York), WAH Center (Williamsburg Art & Historical Center), Anthology Film Archives (New York), ART FORMOSA (Taipei), and OLA Galleri & Ateljé (Sweden)

She is very active at the forefront of all over the world, US, Denmark, Shanghai and Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan.

Solo exhibitions at Bunkamura Box Gallery (Tokyo), Enatsu Gallery (Tokyo), EPIC (Tokyo) and Hankyu Men's Tokyo (Tokyo) .

– ayaka nakamura won the 1st Grand Prix of "ARTIST NEW GATE", an art contest to discover new large-scale artists.


ayaka nakamura official site

1st NFT collection flat

2nd NFT collection Wind


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