Who is Dandy Bikeman?

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Dandy Bikeman 10

Title : FEWOCiOUS Anniversary

Tokyo based. Dandy Bikeman is one of exclusive artists who belongs to our gallery. He uses two methods, digital software and hand painting. He is a creator with over 20 years experience, but a mysterious artist who does not reveal his name.

Dandy Bikeman #9

We love quick-impact

He has a naive mind and has suffered from unconscious biases that arise from classical habits, such as "prejudice," "one-sided evaluation," and "gender gap." He said that the moment he is Dundy Bikeman is the most real self.

He extremely hates people's discord, anger and friction. That personality is reflected in these works.

I also wonder where and when the main character depicted in the work came from. What is the character doing there? Investigating anything? He looks like a fish out of water but he seems to see through my heart. Friendly or hostile to us?


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